In June-July 2014 the situation was very different. That was when without any prior warning the powder keg referred to earlier exploded and scores of people, almost all of them men, were killed in random assaults in Mpeketoni and other small towns in the area. “I hid in a garbage dump the night of the attack”, one eye witness told me, “the next morning I saw body parts strewn all over the streets. It was a gruesome sight”. Tony Emeka mhm, a young Mill Hill missionary who hails from Nigeria and works in the area, told me how he struggled with the difficult question to decide ‘to stay or not to stay?’ As always happens in situations of insecurity the wildest rumours circulated. What to believe? Together with a student companion he decided to take refuge in the relative safety of Malindi, a major town on the Kenyan East Coast. They stayed away for one night and then…. decided to return to Witu. How to explain their departure to the local Christian community?

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